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Ifatwa is one of the reliable fatwa related sites in Bangladesh. which is managed by IOM's Ifta Division. The best way to ask questions and gain knowledge is to go directly to the Mufti where the questioner has the opportunity to know and understand the question in detail. This site is for those who have few such opportunities. Due to the vagueness of the questioner's question and due to the multiple narrations of the Qur'an and Hadith on some issues, there may be differences in some of the answers. So it is better to contact mufti sahibs directly instead of taking any big decision based on this site.

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Ahlia Matrimony


Marriage has become very difficult in our society today. But haram relationships are getting social recognition very easily. Haram relationships take place here. Our hearts have been influenced by western culture. Our religious brothers and sisters want to marry according to the Sunnah of the Prophet and live a lawful life without getting involved in these haram relationships. But it is not possible due to various reasons. One of the major reasons is not getting a religious spouse. Most of the common matrimony in our country is of general line. Many religious brothers and sisters go to these matrimony and do not get their desired life partner. General marriages are unable to meet the needs of religious siblings. On the other hand, many of the fraudsters in our country give false assurances and lies to both parties only for their own benefit, as a result of which many people face irreparable losses. Keeping in mind the religious brothers and sisters in such situations, Ahlia Matrimony's way is to help our religious brothers and sisters to observe their religion and only to please Allah.