Dhaka Division

Deeniyat School Maktab

Responsible's Name: Maulana Ashraf Sahib

Responsible's Mobile Number:: 01842172596

Address: 1357/A Opposite of Doreen Garments, East Sheorapara, Mirpur, Dhaka.

Map Link:


1. One hour School Maktab for school going children

2. Farz-E-Ain Course for Elderly

Madrasatul Madinah Lil Banat

Responsible's Name: Maulana Mahbubur Rahman

Responsible's Mobile Number:: 01765-757574

Address: Madhucity, Joynagar, Atibazar, Keraniganj.

Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/mgBdrwG5ugoZWL4F7


1. Noorani
2. Nazera
3. Maktab
4. Keetab

Rangpur Division

Madrasatul Huda Dinajpur

Responsible's Name: Maulana Shamim Ashraf

Responsible's Mobile Number:: 01324-105764

Address: No. 5 Newtown, Dinajpur Sadar

Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/M3afFudKDUP1XAK59


1. Farz-E-Ain Course

This course is of one year duration. Basic knowledge of essential subjects of Islam can be larnt from this course.

2. Quran Translation Course

This course is of two years duration. This course is for the person who already have completed Farz-E-Ain course

3. Alim Course

This course is of three years duration. This is applicable to those who have completed above courses.

4. Takmil Course

This course is of one year duration which is after completing the above courses.

5. Mutafarriqah Jamaat (Residential)

(For Brothers who have completed Hifz)

6. School Maktab Course

Batch based teaching of one hour per day for school going students (Class 1 to Class 10) .

7. Special course for brothers who dropped out of the world of Elm

Those students (brothers) who could not complete their studies in Qawmi Madrasa due to family problems or any other problems after studying few jamaats. In this course there are good arrangement for them to become Alem.

8. Dawah and Aqidah Course

(Every Friday for four months)

9. Part Time Hifz Course

(a) Hifz primary: Surah Yasin, Surah Mulk, Ayatul Kursi and 30th Para Quran Sharif will be memorized. (b) Heafz secondary: Memorize the entire 30 paras of the Quran.

10. 20 days long Dawah course

On the occasion of Ramadan, in Shaban month of every year, we offer Quran learning course.