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Alim Courses (Main Courses)

Bachelor in Dawah and Islamic Studies

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১২ম (২৪১২)

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  • Alim course of 3 years duration has 14 subjects. Some of these 14 subjects have two/three courses which are taught over a period of one-and-a-half years. These 14 subjects are arranged for 3 years with a total of 26 courses. All single courses of IOM are included in Alim Course. That is, admission to this course does not require admission to single courses. We start class activities in January and July 2nd session every year in Alim and Single courses of IOM. For admission, the admission process must be completed 1 month before.

School Maktab & Farj e Ain

কামিং সুন

School Maktab

12 Months Course Regular Course

স্কুল মক্তব কোর্সটিতে আছে ১২টি সাবজেক্ট এর সম্মিলিত সিলেবাস। এগুলো হল তাজবীদ, হিফজুল কুরআন, দোয়া ও সুন্নাহ, আক্বিদা, ফিকহ, দাওয়াহ, আরবি ভাষা, আসমা উল হুসনা, সিরাহ, ইসলামি ইতিহাস, ইসলামী জ্ঞান, এবং ইলমের আদব।

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6 Months Course Single Course

The entire course will provide an understanding of the essentials of Islam. This course will teach Tajweed, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Dawah and the manners of acquiring knowledge. It is basically the first semester of Alim course. That is, those who enroll in the Alim course are taught these subjects in their first semester.

Single Courses

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Dawah Course

6 Months Course Single Course

Millions of dais are needed to spread the message of Islam. Hence our 6 months "Dawaah Course" to build Da'i from home to home. The course also covers basic to comparative theology.

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Fiqh Course

18 Months Course Single Course

As soon as any worship becomes obligatory, it is also obligatory to know the issues related to it. The same rule applies at work. That is, when the work is done, it is necessary to know its masala. So 1.5 year long "Fiqh Course" with essential masayala related to daily life including business, starting from purity.

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Aqidah Course

6 Months Course Single Course

Our 6 month long "Aqeedah Course" to spread Sahih Aqeedah among the general brothers and sisters who have hundreds of false beliefs these days. Through this course, one can acquire knowledge about various subjects including Aqeedah, permissible-impermissible, haram-halal, insha Allah.

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Arabic Language Course

18 Months Course Single Course

Almost every believer feels like reading the Qur'an to understand what is being said. To fulfill that noble desire 1.5 term subsidiary course "Arabic Language Course". In addition to the core classes, this course also offers Tamarind classes, Alhamdulillah. So at the end of the course a talib will be able to read, write and understand Arabic - Inshallah.

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Seerah Course

12 Months Course Single Course

Is it not necessary to know the biography of someone who is important to follow in life? So Payar has a 1-year "Seerah Course" with all the significant events from before the birth of the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. The course has only 1 hour class 2 days a week, at 9 or 10 pm.


Al Quran Translation

18 Months Course Single Course

As it is difficult to sit with tafseer, it is also difficult to understand all the explanations. Therefore, there is "Qur'an Tarzma" or "Al-Qur'an Translation Course" as a helpful course to understand the meaning of the entire Holy Quran within 1.5 years.


Islamic History

6 Months Course Single Course

It is sad but true that the history of Muslims is unknown to many. Despite having a lot of knowledge about various civilizations or empires, the golden chapters of Islam remain unknown. "History of Islam Course" to know that timeless history and increase love for Islam in just 6 months.


Hifzul Quran

6 Months Course Single Course

Hifizul Quran course is aimed at helping sisters to memorize the Quran by female teachers while sitting at home with full screen in the midst of various busy schedules. It has the opportunity of complete Quran Hijf after 30th Para Hijf in 6 months, Alhamdulillah.

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Urdu Course

6 Months Course Single Course

To know Islam in detail, to acquire knowledge, learning Urdu language is becoming necessary today. Because the higher books are written in Urdu language. Our "Urdu Course" to master the language online in just 6 months. The course is also included in the Aleem course, Alhamdulillah.

রমাদান কোর্সসমূহ

Time Over

Quran Learning

20 Days Course Ramadan Course

Incorrect recitation is not only a cause of sin, but can make us abrogate from Islam. But the people who have learned recitation institutionally is a few in number. So the Ramadan special 20-day course is designed to start with the Alif pronunciation and the to the basics of Tajweed. It has separate practice classes for male and female.



20 Days Course Ramadan Course

As Muhammadi in the Ummah it is our important duty to invite others to Islam. But how to start, what to keep in mind, what knowledge to acquire - these are unknown. So another 20 days Ramadan Special Dawah Course to get full reward in the season of reward.

Special Courses

Time Over

Rukaiyah Sharaiyah

45 Days Course Special Courses

Not only the rules, but also the means of treatment in case of illness are described in Islam, Alhamdulillah. This medical procedure, which complies with the Islamic Shariah, is called Ruqyah. A 1.5 month "Rukiyah Shariah Course" on when, how and how long to do Rukiyah for 6 different diseases, with Maulana Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, Admin of Rukiyah Support BD as the teacher.

Time Over

SSC Farz E Ain

45 Days Course Special Courses

SSC Forge Law Course is our small attempt to spread Farj Ilam among the newly qualified teenagers. This course of only 1.5 months is organized once a year to take advantage of the time after the SSC examination. But anyone can get admission in this course Insha Allah.

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Tafseer Project

1 Year Course Special Courses

The number of people who wish to read Tafseer but it barely happens, is not small. The business took over or the interest waned if started though after a long planning. To help in this kind of situation, with a nominal amount of Hadiya, a one year self-study project with regular activities is arranged, which is Tafseer Project.

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Golpe Golpe Tafseer

6 Months Course Special Courses

It is difficult to find a child who does not like to listen to stories. Therefore, our small arrangement to sow the seeds of Islam in children's minds by story, "Tafseer by Story". In this 6-month course decorated with interesting presentation, colorful graphics, children can learn about Islam with great pleasure, as a result, love grows.

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Sama'at Course

6 Months Course Special Courses

lack of time, uncertainty or financial inconsistency; Because the acquisition of knowledge should not stop anyway, so 6 months completely free course "Sama'at Course". In this course we are given the opportunity to listen to Dars without any gift. At the end of the course, if anyone wants to participate in our academic examination by paying the examination fee, Insha Allah.

Time Over

Muyallim Course

১০ দিন - Special Courses

Even after acquiring Islamic knowledge, many are unable to join the service due to lack of proper training. A short "Muallim course" on how to teach, how to engage in service, etc. As always, there is a certificate and gift at the end of this course.

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Waswasa Course

Recorded Course Special Courses

The number of Waswasa patients is increasing day by day. In the absence of proper counselling, the condition of the affected patient is getting worse. Life becomes miserable if you don't stop waswasa at the beginning.

Time Over

Farz e Ain (Elder)

6 Months Course Special Courses

The entire course will provide an understanding of the essentials of Islam. This course will teach Tajweed, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Dawah and the manners of acquiring knowledge. It is basically the first semester of Alim course. That is, those who enroll in the Alim course are taught these subjects in their first semester.

Time Over

এর‍্যাবিক স্পিকিং এন্ড কুরআন আন্ডারস্ট্যান্ডিং কোর্স

৬ মাস মেয়াদী কোর্স - Special Courses

আরবি ভাষার প্রতি প্রতিটা মুসলমানের রয়েছে আলাদা রকম টান। কুরআনের এই ভাষার উপর মুসলমানের মহব্বত থেকেই তারা সবসময় ই আরবি ভাষা শিখবেন বলে একটা ঝোঁকে থাকেন। কিতাব পড়ার পাশাপাশি কমিউনিকেশনেও আরবি স্পিকিং এর গুরুত্ব অনেক বেশি।

Time Over

Chinese and Frozen Food Course

- Special Courses

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Admission Process

How to admit?

  • Course selection To get admission in Islamic Online Madrasah you need to select a course - the course you want to take admission in. To know all our courses and course curriculum Here Still can't decide? Then contact our helpline.
  • Payment of fees You can pay the course fee by going to the course you want to enroll and clicking on the enroll button. Those who will pay directly through BKash/Neged/Rocket number, should first send the money to the following number.
    bKash Number: 017 66 305 059 (Merchant)
  • Fill the form After sending the money to fill the form for admission in any single course including Aleem Course, Here -
  • Any Question? If you have any Question Contact -

Fatwa Board

Ifta Department, IOM

Ifatwa is one of the reliable fatwa related sites in Bangladesh. That is IOM Managed by its Ifta department. The best means of asking questions and acquiring knowledge is directly from the mufti Asking the question to the Saheb where the questioner has an opportunity to know and understand the question in detail. This site is for those who have few such opportunities. Also because of the vagueness of the questioner's question due to the multiple narrations of the Qur'an and Hadith on the subject, sometimes some answers may differ. so any don't take big decision based on this site but contact mufti sahib directly is good.

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Why IOM?


Hathajari Qoumi Board recognized and ISO certified international quality educational institution and the largest online Madrasah in the Asian continent. As-Sunnah Foundation Nabin Entrepreneur Award-2021 received the award after being among the top 10 out of 3000 organizations

Recognized by the Board

Hathajari Qoumi Board recognized and ISO certified international quality educational institution and the largest online Madrasah in the Asian continent.

92+ Instructor

Classes are conducted through 92+ Ustaz / Ustaz. Also, renowned Ulamae Keram from home and abroad take classes at IOM Studio

Live Class

Each class is taken live via Zoom app at a time convenient for students. Marks are given on attendance in live class participation

The class are recorded

A recording of each live session is also provided for later viewing in case the live class is missed. Students can view recorded classes at any time.

Mosq Class

Takres and recitations are done in small groups to correct tajveed or recitation of the Qur'an

Weekly Talim

For brothers and sisters separately every week there is provision of training through zoom app on latest subjects including religious knowledge.


The Academic Intensive Care Unit system is primarily designed to provide extra care to frail patients in Tajweed


Free or paid, all our courses provide participants with a certificate at the end of the course


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