Offline Maktab

Application for Offline Maktab
  • Step-1: Form filling First the following 'Offline Maktab Application' form has to be filled.
  • Step-2: Viva Interested Muallim/Muallima must pass viva at IOM. After filling the form, contact School Maktab – IOM page for all instructions related to viva.
  • Step-3: Confirmation After passing viva you will get permission from IOM to run Maktab.


An individual must take offline training before starting this Maktab. If you start maktab without training, maktab will not run. But before getting the training schedule you can watch some necessary training videos. Contact IOM or Deeniyat for training.

To collect school maktab books after starting offline maktab:

Jazabor: 01679889690
Taqwa Shop: 01762316867

  • Admission Form for Student Admission: Here
  • Poor Fund Form for Poor Students: Here

Optional Subjects:

If Institutional Certificate is required for institutional recognition of the School Maktab, then IOM a fee of Tk 500 has to be paid for obtaining the Institutional Certificate by the IOM Authority.

Offline Maktab students who want certificate directly from IOM authority after completion of course will have to pay a fee of 500 bdt per person for examination by IOM and getting certificate.

There will be no financial transactions with IOM other than the two mentioned.