To be done after admission

Instructions for new students

If you have already applied for admission to any of the courses in Islamic Online Madrasah and paid the fee, then please read this article.

  • To wait If you fill the admission form and payment properly in any course of Islamic Online Madrasa, you will get an email within 3-4 days where your roll, batch Telegram group link and Facebook group link will be given.
  • Installing the Telegram app Telegram is, IMO, a WhatsApp-like messaging app. After enrolling in the course you will be given a Telegram group link. In that group there will be students of the said course. All notices related to classes, exams and courses can be found from that group - Inshallah. Click here to install Telegram app on Android . Here Click here
  • Installing the Zoom app Courses of Islamic online madrasa will be live classes through Zoom app. Zoom app can be used on both mobile and computer devices. If you are an Android user, install the Zoom app from here . Click here if you are a computer user . এখান থেকে জুম অ্যাপ ইন্সটল করে নিন। কম্পিউটার ব্যবহারকারী হলে Here Click here
  • Learning to use the Zoom app After Installing Zoom App, How To Join Class, Ask Questions – to know these Watch This Video. Click here to know the rules for taking classes using the Zoom app . এই ভিডিওটি দেখুন। জুম অ্যাপ দিয়ে ক্লাস করার নিয়ম জানতে Here Click here
  • Know the class rules Islamic Online Madrasah(IOM) is a religious educational institution. For the sake of discipline of the institution some rules and discipline are given for the students. All students are requested to follow these rules. Click here to know the rules . Here Click here
  • Know about the exam procedure Click here to know about Islamic Online Madrasa Aleem Course Exam Procedure . Here Click here
  • Any problems? If you have any questions or problems related to the above steps, please contact our support. Click here to contact support . Here Click here