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Waswasa is a mental illness which is a trap of evil thought by Satan to mislead a Muslim. Everyone can be affected by Was Wasa more or less on different subjects. But due to lack of understanding or knowledge about this disease, a normal person can gradually turn into a mental patient. Because if it is not treated in the beginning, it will continue to grow.

We have researched our past thousands of questions and found that a person suffering from waswasa gets more and more waswasa by searching for answers to different masala masa'el or fatwa questions. And the answer to the question is the fodder for the disease of a waswasawa sufferer and after getting a question answered, a waswasawa sufferer keeps repeating the same question hundreds of times. Which leads him to worse situation.

After reviewing the matters, it has been decided that no questions will be answered until the following mandatory course of recovery is completed in case of patients suffering from Waswasa and we hope and trust in Allah that those who undertake the following course will recover inshallah.

And in one part of the course, there will be a question-and-answer arrangement with our Mufti Sahibs through Zoom meetings.
May Allah protect us from all physical and mental diseases.

2 steps have been taken by IOM to rehabilitate the brothers and sisters affected by Waswasa. These are:

  • Method – 01 : Free Course
  • A person suffering from Waswasa in the initial stage can treat himself by following the course instructions given on our website completely free. If anyone can complete this course for free, hopefully, God willing, it will be enough for him to recover.
  • To take the free course Here Click here
  • Method – 02 : Consultancy (Currently for Sisters only)
  • If you are not fully recovered after watching the video, if you need any consultancy, thenin this linkyou can take the consultancy service by sending a message on this page

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  • Course Type: Special Courses
  • Course Duration: Recorded Course
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  • Course Fee: Free and Paid

Who is the course for?

  • Those who do the same thing over and over
    Those who do a lot of washing

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